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Carol Fenner

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Carol Fenner

Welcome to The Lightworker Guide

Inspiring you to discover your potential

About Carol

I began my own healing journey around 20 years ago. I decided to make a commitment to myself, as an act of self care, to have regular healing sessions.  For the last 12 years I have had a healing session every month.  This has supported me through challenging life experiences, helped me to grow spiritually and completely changed my life.

I now integrate my experience and training into how I work with clients.  I have worked as a UK certified Counsellor in private practice and as an adult Careers Adviser for  local authority.  I have 35 years experience in working with the public, supporting people to transform their lives.  I have studied a broad range of healing modalities and my work is now aimed at those wishing to discover their incredible potential 🌟

Reasons to join The Lightworker Guide

• I would like to feel less stress, less anxiety and not as burnt out

• I would like to feel free of self-doubt and fears

• I would like to let go of old trauma and attachments to people or situations that no longer serve me

• I want to have more clarity in my life


• I am looking to follow a more spiritual path

• I want to discover my gifts and talents

• I want regular support to keep my energy clear and stay focussed on my goals

A Big Thanks

To all those who are choosing to look at life differently, and having the courage to commit to their spiritual growth.

To all those stepping into their power as a Lightworker by raising their vibration and trusting the process of transformation.

And thank you once again for working with me 🙏

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